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Lois Lane Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

Yay on getting published YAY!

Sigh yes…I’m on my way to becoming an aspiring journalist…a Lois Lane in the making :P and it’s all about baby steps. So In the midst of my internship with the Arabian Sun in Aramco Saudi Arabia, I had the opportunity to write an article for one of the top English newspapers in the Middle East: Arab News (Saudi’s daily paper)!!!

Now call me an amateur if you want, but I still get the “butterflies in your stomach, I’m SO EXCITED about being published!” feeling and I’m going to revel in it! Check it out!

7amdillah :)

: : : Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams. Just go ahead, let your hair down. You’re going to find yourself somewhere, somehow : : :

–Put Your Records On, Corinne Bailey Rae–


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A Sketchy Re-Introduction

Sigh…exactly 51 minutes until I finally finish work for the day and I am DYING!!! With everything piling up you’d think I’d be using every little bit of my time to finish it all and cram in as much progressiveness as I can. Instead…I’m sneaking onto facebook and looking at the clock too many times a minute to count.No…motivation…what so ever.

Ever get those days where all you want to do is just sit and not have to think about anything at all?? Those days where you want to sleep in and eat yummy food and watch mindless shows and movies and literally let the day slip away without any accomplishments to be proud of except for pure (and in this case beautiful) laziness. I MISS LAZINESS!

Why the abrupt complaining and it’s only my second post? Well for those of you who don’t know…I’m doing my internship this summer and even though it actually is really exciting and I get a lot of responsibility…I guess I’m just craving the typical summer days. I want the pool and the smell of sun block in the air! Icy lemonade and sunburned cheeks! Ok fine not sunburned but at least the natural intense rosiness from the hot Saudi sun. Hmm while I’m writing this I realized how much I didn’t even tell about myself…I mean at least the basics so people can have the CHANCE to understand my future ramblings. So here goes.

I grew up in Aramco, Saudi Arabia which I think it’s safe to say, one of the most Americanized areas in the Middle East. We’re talking down the 110 electricity voltage in the middle of a huge region that relies solely on 220. I was born in Kuwait…went to boarding school in Bahrain for high school and now attend the American University of Sharjah in the UAE where I’m studying Mass communications concentrating in Public Relations and Journalism. Yup…I’m hopping all across the gulf. But still Aramco will always be my home.

And despite this deep attachment to the gulf…I’m Egyptian…from Alexandria right on the beach! I think that explains the sudden craving for sun and sand and sunburned cheeks *blushes*.

I guess everything else is kind of explained in my not-so-well-constructed profile :P. As for my personality? I leave that all up to you guys to decipher through this blog ^_^. Ok in the beginning I figured this blog would be just for in depth thought…I mean I’ve been keeping up with a couple lately that are filled with thought for the mind and things to think about! But then again this attempt has always been the reason for my inconsistency in writing. So I guess the most I can leave you with now is a little insight about a random girl and the promise of great quotes from songs I love. ^_^.

: : : “Welcome to the real world,” she said to me condescendingly. Take a seat, take your life, plot it out in black and white. Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings and the drama queens. I’d like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve : : :
— No Such Thing, John Mayer —

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