If Karma Was Good To Me…

For as long as I can remember, people have always told me I’m “too nice,” exaggerated emphasis on the “too.” Until now it leaves me wondering whether that’s even meant to be a compliment. But then again, I’ve always had the mentality to treat others the way I’d like to be treated; and I’ve always believed that everyone deserves to be shown a little bit of good. If I could be the one to spread that bit of good, then why not just accept the “too nice” label after all?

I also know that even though it sometimes feels like goodhearted people are a dying breed, I’m not the only do-gooder on a mission to spread karma’s work. Yes, karma, the age-old spiritual law of life, originated by old Indian religions that believed that life was governed by a cycle of cause and effect. Hence, eventually, a doer of good would receive good in return.

But I wouldn’t be the first to admit that I am still patiently waiting for karma’s work to find its way back to me. And so the experiment began. I sent out a message asking people, from close friends to strangers, to complete the following sentence:

If karma was good to me…

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And thus the results:

I’d know better.

I’d do what I want without holding back.

I’d get what I want.

I’d have a job by now.

It would keep being good to me, like it always is.

I would be able to make all those who have given me inspiration happy.

I’d be thin.

I’d be married to the perfect guy like I always dreamed.

I wouldn’t be here.

I’d be loved back.

I’d never be judged or misunderstood.

I would have no enemies.

I’d get a smile for every tear I’ve shed.

I’d get a kiss for every wound.

I’d never lose my dad.

I wouldn’t have had so many tears in my life.

I’d know that what went around came around.

It would never hurt me.

I wouldn’t have to cry myself to sleep.

I’d be a millionaire.

It would be because I was doing good things for myself and others.

It means I deserve it.

I’d give karma something good back.

As my inbox overflowed with responses, I began to categorize the answers into three groups: the karma optimists, karma haters and the karma users and abusers (I mean really, if karma could make me a millionaire, I’d wish for that too).

At the time that I started this post (which is about two months ago!) I admit openly that I was a karma hater. I couldn’t understand why I was constantly put in a position where I would give and give and still find myself hurt in the end. Maybe amidst the answers of others, I was hoping to find SOMETHING that would ease my frustration against this so-called cycle of life that was, to my foolish conclusion, obviously unfair. Which is when I got my answer…

If karma was good to me, maybe I wouldn’t have an off day, or have the chance to feel heartache. Maybe tears would mean only joy instead of the added necessity of sorrow, and maybe, just maybe the word perfection would blend into the essence of everyday, rather than just linger for a fragile moment. But then who can have it all? Maybe karma’s the one presence that reminds us that there needs to be ‘downs’ before you realize how precious those ‘ups’ really are.

It was this answer that reminded me of the reason why I wanted to write this post to begin with. It was to remind you, just like I needed reminding, to be patient; to remember that ups and downs come together, no matter the good we try to spread; and to never let the hurt overshadow the best you have to offer. And as us do-gooders stand undefeated, I have no doubt that karma will grace its presence in our lives soon enough.

: : : He says, “Darlin’ dont forget, there is sweetness after hurt for you and me.” He says, “Honey no regrets, we’ll just do our best,” and I just want to cry… : : :

— Be Good To Me, Sia —



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4 responses to “If Karma Was Good To Me…

  1. Hala Abdel-wahed

    Wow, it’s like you’re reading my mind Dina.. the idea of ‘what goes around comes around’ has been on my mind for the past week :) Loved your post! keep it up..

  2. JD

    Soo. Lesson of the day. Keep being nice? I rephrase. Keep being TOO nice. Karma needs to behave better.

  3. Ewan

    Glad to see how this came about! You know what’s funny? I still do believe in karma but I can’t recognize my own answers – well, I can guess what I said because I remember my mental state – but my wants have changed. I think perhaps another aspect is that we should realize that karma gives us what we NEED versus a momentary desire – though it may be an incredibly strong one. All I know is that I’m trying to do the best I can and any little help along the way would be greatly appreciated.

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