Oh No, Not the Resolutions Blog! A Tribute to Welcoming 2011

The new year is finally here and I’m a fool for clichéd “embrace the new year” blogs :P. So here goes.

New years always has that special feel to it. Whether we spend it at home watching the clock in pajamas, at elaborate dinner parties or lighting fireworks with our friends, there’s always that something different. That feeling that, as much as we’d like to believe that today is the same as any other, it’s not. It’s a new beginning! It’s a chance to rejuvenate, rethink and reload and just reset our mindsets to take on everything we’ve already been dealing with.

Now here I am at 4 in the afternoon in pajamas, contemplating spending the first day of the New Year in bed, watching movies and ordering take out. Yes, I know, it’s quite the monumental way to start the new year. But honestly, after a great night of barbecuing on the beach with close friends and watching fireworks explode into the air till the sky turned smoky, I’m BEAT (and come on, let’s face facts, who isn’t tired after last night? Dare I ask how YOU spent New Year’s Eve? :P).

As age-old tradition says, with every new year come new resolutions…or for reality’s sake, old ones we never seemed to actually achieve. And yes I admit, I love tradition and asked every person at the barbecue last night what their resolutions were. But this morning a good friend of mine gave me a bit of perspective…a new approach on how to take on the new year without making empty promises to ourselves, not knowing if we will even keep them. He said,

“It seems that with the advent of each new year we wish more than we act, we romanticize more than we love, we contemplate more than we experience, and we rationalize far more than we admit. Is it time to break away from these vicious cycles? I think so. This year, 2011, why not finally put an end to the new year resolution, and give the “new day resolution” a chance? Each and every day, think about small and large significant changes you can make to yourself and the world around you. Each and every day is just as beautiful as the last; why discriminate?”

Smart huh? Kind of wish I thought of it myself. So for today I’m going to embrace my laziness. I tend to overwork myself horribly so I’ve decided, today’s new day resolution: relax. And that would be the greatest achievement for me right now.

365 days of endless possibility looking us straight in the eye. Bring it on 2011!

Happy New Year!

: : : I’m so alive. I’m so enlightened. I can barely survive a night in my mind. I’ve got a plan. I’m gonna find out just how boring I am and have a good time : : :

— New Deep, John Mayer —


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