Project Dina Transformation

Week 3:

Yes, I know…it’s weird to start things with week 3 but I really meant to start this ages ago. It’s been months since I decided that I wanted to embark on some grand personal “mind, body, and soul” journey. Something along the lines of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I ranted about endlessly in my last post…minus the “eat” though, I really don’t need more “eat!” But I found myself struggling to begin anything new up until two weeks ago, when I finally got off my butt and decided, “Enough sulking, it’s time to start fresh.”

I have become your grade A, walking cliche. I loved then lost love; I climbed high then tripped and fell horribly; I followed my heart yet came crashing down; basically any age-old saying that translates simply to: I got screwed over! Dramatic much? Maybe…but I guess that’s how most people feel when they fight so hard for what they want and STILL end up losing miserably.

But enough is enough — cue motivational music please. There’s a simple reason why we all fall down at one point or other: to get back up again. In that case, let Project Dina Transformation begin.

Step 1: Get a summer job. And it’s not just about filling the time or making money (ok fine the money is a major plus — a huge chunk of it is already promised to a Louis Vuitton I’ve had my eye on for ages). But I need to feel like I’m doing something important…something that will set some kind of path for my future rather than the circles I’m running around myself.

Step 2: Get fit, kill insecurity and feel great.

Step 3: Surround myself with the people I love. With that said, let me take this moment to admit and apologize to everyone I’ve pushed away in the past year. You have no idea of the value you hold in my heart.

So I realize this completely goes against my whole plan to spend all four months of summer being Italian and doing absolutely nothing (see previous post) but I can’t do it! Now I’m entering into week 3 and I have to say it feels pretty good! I’ve gotten that job, I’ve been pretty consistent with the whole getting fit thing and I’m reaching out to everyone who holds a piece of my heart.

Fingers crossed I keep up with this kind of will power.

: : : Say a prayer for me. Help me to feel the strength I did. My identity…Has it been taken? Is my heart breaking on me? All my plans fell through my hands. All my dreams suddenly seem empty : : :

— Empty, The Cranberries —



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4 responses to “Project Dina Transformation

  1. Dina Elahwal

    Dina g, i felt like i was reading a book…khalas im done doing my summer book reading thing..loool
    What you wrote really touched me…i believe in you dandoon and i know you will achieve all your objectives, i just wish i was there with you.
    It’s about time you stop being such a daloo3 and get back up.loool jk
    Yes you are right, we all do fall down..but honestly speaking i don’t think i would have been strong like you…
    Like you told me Dina G.
    3 things that make up a person ..Commitment, faith, and dreams
    You can still dream dina…don’t be ashamed habibty
    and yes you can still believe
    and yes you are committing to things that you have lost such as writing but im proud of you.
    Good job dandoon
    you know im here for you
    i love you
    love always and forever
    dina elahwal

  2. Burhan

    YES! This is a great place to start.

    I love you and your steps. One thing I’d recommend though maybe is to make step 3 the priority. When you’re surrounded by people you love everything else becomes easier, trust me =) keep writing Dina!


  3. Awwalan: The Cranberries. Salute.
    Taneyan: I love you, on a quick random note.
    Taletan: I really need to work on step 2 too. (the get fit part)
    Rabe3an: I just recently found out that the secret to step 3 is actually doing things with people you love. Go out, stay in, cook, do meaningless things bs with friends and people who you can go crazy with.
    5amesan: because i recently found it rabe3an, I will have to oppose you in step 1, since i just resigned from work yesterday. it was actually my last day. And i say FREEDOM!!!!

    el mohem, whatever you do, do what you want.
    Try to acheive things you want, and keep in mind its all about trials and dont stop having fun.

    PS. I’m living a bit on the italian edge now.

  4. JD

    Say a little prayer for meee. Forever, and ever. you’ll be in my dreams and i will save yoouu. (ok ok. so i dont know the lyrics very well. but that’s what your cranberries did to me. its stuck in my head now.)

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