Unbreak My Heart

Heartbroken doesn’t even begin to explain it…

How did I become so filled with cynicism…fear…sadness…and an emptiness inside that just doesn’t want to go away? When did my face become this weary from crying all these tears?

It all happened when what I’ve wanted…what I held on to all this time fell out of my hands too quickly for me to scoop back up again.

Dramatic much? Sigh…maybe. But what do you do when you lose your optimism? When you give up on hope and see everything u wanted for your future fade away?

Sigh…whoever said that BS about love conquering all anyway? Because I don’t see it conquering anything but the broken pieces of me.

: : : Oh, what are we doing? We are turning into dust…playing house in the ruins of us : : :

— Broken String, James Morrison —

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One response to “Unbreak My Heart

  1. jd

    DIINNAAA!!!! I tried not nagging. WRITE SOMETHING NEW!!!!!

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