Falling in Love Again

After all that gushing and excitement in my last post about my three weeks of summer in Egypt I’ve kind of found it hard to figure out something else to talk about…other than the beach and my newly developing sun-kissed skin :P .

I even considered devoting an entire post just to the food…oh god the food. But that would only add up to one word: yummy.

So according to the ultimate clichés, summer is nothing without summer love…so finally I have decided to dedicate this post to the love of my life. Yeah, yeah…call me old fashioned for falling head over heals in summer…but the heart does crazy things I tell you! And this is a love story I just can’t keep in.

He’s extremely handsome, has the most caring eyes and is barely 3 feet tall. Oh yeah…and he’s 6. Yes the love of my life is none other than my little cousin Waseem. But I’m telling you! I’ve never met anyone more caring in my life! And every summer I fall into his little love trap over and over again. I’d call him a heart-breaker but really that little boy is not capable of breaking anything…ok except maybe the occasional expensive vase or plate as a result of careless, 6-year-old playing.

Right now, we’re at my beach house and our TV isn’t working so the regular 24 hours of cartoon playing has been completely cut. So turning to the second best thing, we spent the whole day doing what 6-year-old boys do best: playing with fake guns and hand grenades, taking turns playing on the Nintendo DS and eating way too much cereal.

At night he insisted his partner in crime (me…and quite proud of it, thank you!) sleep next to him. And that’s where the tough guy act melted away. Every 5 seconds he turned around to make sure I was still there. And when he noticed I didn’t have any blanket he made sure to share his. And then he insisted on reading ME a bedtime story even though he’s just learning how to read.

Yup, a definite knight in shining armor in the making.

So I can go on blubbering about the beaches, the mini adventures or even the potential eye-candy my own age. But honestly, there’s nothing that felt better than laying next to that little boy. It reminded me that that’s why I’m really here… to watch him and every part of my family here grow more and more every summer and try to be a part of that as much as I can. And today…I really felt like I was.

As for now, I better sneak back before he turns around and discovers I’m gone.

: : : We don’t want you to see we come and we go. Here today, gone tomorrow, We’re only taking turns holding this world. It’s how it’s always been. When you’re older you will understand : : :

— Trust Me, The Fray —


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2 responses to “Falling in Love Again

  1. that picture is adorable-Ericahttp://allaboutitt.blogspot.com/

  2. dena

    Dandoon this is so cute. I love how you wrote it and I also loved that fact that it was about a family member, rather than many of the weird things that people write about today. People forget that family is the most important thing, and that family will always stand by your side through the good and bad times. I especially loved the ending when you said that it is important to watch your family grow. That is also important to me as well. :)

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