Summer Loving…Had Me a Blast

We’re finally here! After an excruciating six-hour cross over to Bahrain instead of the usual 30 minutes, a late late flight filled with screaming children way too excited to sleep, and the hassle of stuffing our excessive luggage as well as our selves into a car way too small, we have finally arrived to beautiful, gorgeous Alexandria, Egypt.

God I love this place…its almost 5 a.m. and we barely got in an hour ago (I wasn’t kidding about emphasizing “late, late flight”). But here we are at my grandmother’s apartment right across from the ocean and it feels amazing. The smell of the salty air, the people, all still awake, trying to take in every minute of summer, and the sound of cars zooming by at no particular speed limit like they own the streets. Yup, I can’t think of a place I’d want to be more then right here…right now for the next three weeks.

There’s something about this place that sort of feels magical. I know I know, I’ve heard all the clichés and the jokes about Egypt and its cities but at the end of the day this is my hometown…my heart and soul and I can’t help but feel absolutely proud and nostalgic about being here. So yes…magical is exactly the word I’m going to use to describe it.

I was just standing out on the balcony watching the waves and the cars and the people and so much is going on…at 5 a.m.! People are still out taking walks on the beach waiting for the sun to rise. Just now a couple hopped into a horse drawn carriage and at the same time an elaborately decorated car just zoomed by with a bride, her dress overflowing through the windows. I’m telling you …MAGICAL!

Ever feel like you just get so caught up in everything? Studies, work, trying to make it ahead in life. Sigh…with another semester coming up that’s exactly how I feel. But it’s like just watching all of this teaches you how to really live life all over again.

Maybe I’m exaggerating and maybe I just really need a vacation. Either way it’s an adventure and I’m going to let all those amazing moments I saw be my encouragement.

Except…wait…I know I’m being all bubbly and stuff but really…that metallic water taste? Someone really needs to do something about that.

: : : Round my hometown memories are fresh. Round my hometown, ooh the people I’ve met are the wonders of my world. Are the wonders of this world. Are the wonders now : : :

–Hometown Glory, Adele —



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4 responses to “Summer Loving…Had Me a Blast

  1. I love you Dina!I feel like you and I think the same way!I have those feelings everytime I'm in Morocco. And when I read the word hometown in your blog, Adele's song just automatically played in my head. Then I read it towards the end n was like :O wtf! :P Freaky. Love you loads girl, keep up the gr8 writing.xoxo

  2. I swear I could taste the salt in my mouth when you were talking about the atmosphere.I love how descriptive your writing is, makes me long home. :)

  3. more than amazing ya dina , i like it sooooo much , i love the way u descripe the sutff

  4. makes so want a bit of Alex right now!! and lovely ending haha..(y)

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