Lois Lane Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

Yay on getting published YAY!

Sigh yes…I’m on my way to becoming an aspiring journalist…a Lois Lane in the making :P and it’s all about baby steps. So In the midst of my internship with the Arabian Sun in Aramco Saudi Arabia, I had the opportunity to write an article for one of the top English newspapers in the Middle East: Arab News (Saudi’s daily paper)!!!

Now call me an amateur if you want, but I still get the “butterflies in your stomach, I’m SO EXCITED about being published!” feeling and I’m going to revel in it! Check it out!

7amdillah :)

: : : Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams. Just go ahead, let your hair down. You’re going to find yourself somewhere, somehow : : :

–Put Your Records On, Corinne Bailey Rae–


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One response to “Lois Lane Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

  1. AHHH MABROUK DINA FACE =]*i love you*

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