Same Blog, Different Blog Site

Here we go again,

Another blog, a different blog site! :P

Yes yes me and consistency in my writing kind of suck but I love it all the same! I feel like I’ve always got something to say…or better yet something to rant about so in that case, what better way to say it then this blog?

As for the “We All Fall Down” reference…I’ve always been interested by the innuendos hidden in children’s nursery rhymes. This one’s my favorite (maybe because it’s also the saddest). For those of you who don’t know, Ring around a Rosy is really talking about the black plague of 1665 that basically whipped out about a third of the world population. “Ring around the Rosy” actually symbolized one of the symptoms of the plague, which was a rosy red rash in the shape of a ring on the skin. People believed that the disease was transmitted by bad smells so because of that they carried around sweet smelling flowers or herbs in their pockets—thus the “pocketful of posies.” The “ashes ashes” reference is probably the creepiest because it refers to the cremation of the dead bodies (with the death rate being over 60%).

Scary eh? But we still teach it to children and watch them burst into laughter when they fling themselves onto the floor (you have to admit…SO cute!). Now this is the theme of my blog not because I wish the plague on anyone! God no! But because, to me, it is the biggest symbol of taking a second glance and really understanding what you’re looking at. And that’s what I think writing is all about…taking that second glance and letting people know about it :P.

So come drop by and enjoy my ramblings (hopefully as often as I’ll write them)!

*Biggest Hugs*



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2 responses to “Same Blog, Different Blog Site

  1. Dina! *yes I am stalking you*This was really interesting. Keep writing. :)

  2. My heart beats differently when i read ur writings. Almost like its younger.

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