Mind, Body, Soul

It’s been way too long….but then again it’s always been way too long when it comes to me.

Finally home again after the longest semester ever in life in university and I’ll be starting my internship soon this summer…so for once i feel like this summer has more to offer then just relaxation and fun in the sun (even though I have no opposition to that either). My whole body hurts….a week after finals and every part of me is still in pain. Actually, that could also be because of my broken bed and its doing horrible things to my back. Of course I’m too stubborn to even think to sleep in anyone else’s bed but my own…but that’s a story for another time

Anyway…this summer I’m trying out this whole new “body, mind, soul” thing you always read in magazines and i guess revisiting my Livejournal days covers the mind aspect of it all. I always find that i have so much to say or so much on my mind and can’t seem to organize it….so this is a start…

Dazzling Mage….this one’s for you. I promise entries with more substance soon.

: : : I don’t know whats right and what’s real anymore. And I don’t know how i’m mean to feel anymore. And when do you think it will all become clear? ‘Cause I’m being taken over by the fear : : :

— The Fear, Lily Allen —


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One response to “Mind, Body, Soul

  1. Ooh, I feel so special!
    Lol, and don’t say this doesn’t have substance! It good to see how well you’re doing (mind your back now!), and the goal you set for yourself. Welcome back, hun. =)

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