Cliches and Lessons Learned

Barely six months ago I remember sitting outside in my backyard while the whole house was sleeping talking to my closest friend in California. God I couldn’t wait to get back to university… to be in a place where I could finally do the things I wanted to do. I remember crying to her on the phone… tired of the waiting and dying to bring my ambitions to life.

Finally the time came and now I look back at it all just as it has passed with a blink of an eye. The semester is over and now I’m back home absolutely ecstatic to be here while my father plays his classical music on the laptop beside me and Noor’s nose stuck in a book as usual and Omar on his laptop at my other side. I couldn’t be any happier. But that’s not to say that the semester passed by without a worry in the world. Like everything else… it definitely had its ups and downs. And I ended up learning so much about myself.

Now this isn’t meant to be one of those cliched entries where I rant on about the “oh so troublesome moments of life and the lessons we learn.” But there are in fact experiences that make us discover things about ourselves that should not be left for granted.

I learned the extent of my determination and that I do in fact have every ability to make all my ambitions come to life. But not without the help of God and my family… my constant support and motivation.

I learned that despite the fact that one should treat others the way they want to be treated… others don’t always act on the saying.

I learned that actions speak louder than words.

I learned that despite my inability to seek out the bad in people… some people do in fact have bad in them that should not be ignored.

I learned that you have to work hard to play hard.

I learned that the one quality that defines strength in a person is their ability to stand up for themselves.

I learned that there is no such thing as “too busy” when it comes to the people that mean most to us.

I learned how to open up.

I learned how to love… and be loved.

I learned that who we are relies heavily on our values and faith and that we should never lose either.

: : : It’s times like these you learn to live again, times like these you give and give again, times like these you learn to love again. It’s times like these, time and time again : : :

— Times Like These, Foo Fighters —


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  1. Anonymous

    i miss you dina

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