To Give VS To Earn

Right before coming back to university, I watched a movie on the plane that questioned one’s ability to gain respect. Do you have to earn respect or give it in order to gain it for yourself? At that point i would have agreed with earning it. But I guess views change. It seems no one has the time of day nor the patience to watch as you attempt to prove yourself worthy of respect. You only wear yourself out that way. It’s all about the moment…the impression you are able to give in the tiny fraction of time you have to interact with another person.

We were delayed on that flight I was on. The entire plane was being booked into hotels and onto different connections. But in the middle of all the chaos and disappointment after hours of traveling, a fight broke out. A cranky passenger VS an apathetic officer. The officer refused to acknowledge our frustrating situation and the passenger didn’t find it upon herself to deal with such an attitude. It ended up with some sort of assault and both women giving statements to the police while we waited on their behalf. It doesn’t matter who was wrong or right but rather the fact that neither woman respected the other or the situation. And look what it led to. HA! And people wonder why there’s so much discrimination in the world.

So I guess now I’m going to stick to the idea that in order to gain respect you must give it. But in order to KEEP respect, you must earn it.

: : : Men are respected only as they respect : : :

— Ralph Waldo Emerson —



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4 responses to “To Give VS To Earn

  1. How is it that we go to the same uni and possibly live in the same building (assuming you didn’t change dorm buildings), and we still didn’t meet yet?

    • omggg your so right! why have we not met up!? btw i was reading ur latest blog. ur taking mcm 102 with susan smith?? cuz i am toooo! but i’m pretty sure its different timings. WHEN CAN WE MEET?!

      • Noo, I already took it last semester! I’m taking 150 with Tina. Btw, I saw you twice- once I was just about to say hi, but I got distracted and suddenly you disappeared!
        The second time (today actually) you were with someone else, so it felt stupid to butt in (hehe..)
        You have a class at 2 in the physics building tomorrow? You can meet before class if you want?
        God, I feel shy all of a sudden…

      • noooo dont be shy! ommg booo i didn’t see you! are you in dorms now? LETS MEET NOW! hahaha. yaaa i do have class in physics. com 204. i have mcm 150 as well but with don love hamdilllaahhh. hahaha. good luck with tina.

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