Finger Painted Memories

I drown in the days
When we, too, were naïve
When we used to play in parks
And color in books

I long for those days
When cursive was a challenge
When monkey bars were risks
And cookies were rewards

I wish that I could go back
To my dolls and my swings
And then I’d never pay the price
For what maturity would bring

I remember long ago
That I never had a clue
I would feel these hurt emotions
Or these tears blur in my eyes

I remember long ago
When I didn’t even know
So many expectations
Would build these fears inside

So yes, I would go back
To my crayons and cartoons
Where there are no paths to follow
Growing up would not come soon

: : : Free me from my chains. I need to change my way. Heal these broken wings. I need to fly away…Far away : : :

— Spinning, Zero 7 —


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One response to “Finger Painted Memories

  1. Anonymous

    i love this poem :) its something everyone can relate with. reminds me of alicia silverstone but with a serious tone. keep it up
    <3 Nora

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