Out of no where and in my complete lack of activity I’m suddenly craving diving into a pool and swimming laps. Maybe its because of a recent conversation I was having with someone about those crazy swimming days. I’m not sure. But I miss it like crazy…

I’m craving that feeling of complete control…control in every single perfect stroke…in every sharp turn. Fighting that urge to stop and take a breath because it just feels too good to give up. I want that feeling again of being beyond that point where I can feel the pain in ever muscle and still something inside me keeps me going until I can swim more than 50 laps continuous with perfect form and perfect rhythm. And no matter the freezing water around me…all I feel is the heat surrounding my unstoppable body.

Extreme? Not at all. I read in one of my books this thing about limitations once. Sometimes we set all these limitations for ourselves and we rarely realize that it is in our every power to break them too. That’s the thing about swimming…its the one time I finally feel like nothing can possibly holding be back.

: : : Drawn towards the edge, do i assume i could fly? Don’t push too hard. Limitation Scars : : :

— Beauty on the Fire, Natalie Imbruglia —


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