Daddy’s Lil Girl

He’s worried.

I can see it…that sad look in his eyes, the tension in his hands that never seem to stop twitching. And no matter how I may try to smile and laugh and show him everything will be ok he still looks at me like I’ll break at any moment.

I guess I never acknowledged it before…I mean…who wouldn’t worry at a time like this? But today he gave me the biggest hug…one I’ve never felt before. Just total fear…or sadness? I’m not sure.

Guess I never REALLY realized how much of a daddy’s girl I am.

It’s not that much better on her end…

She’s just so strong ALL the time. How could i miss the tears behind closed doors. Guess its true what they say….your pain only hurts them a thousand times more.

She says I’m strong like her….stronger than her. But I don’t know how that’s possible. The whole universe could blow over and she’d still be standing. I doubt I could even come close.

At this point patience is wearing thin…I just want it to go away. I just want to see them smile again.

: : : All the times that I’ve cried. All that’s wasted, it’s all inside. And I lie here in bed…all alone…I can’t mend. But I feel tomorrow will be okay : : :

— Staind, Outside —



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2 responses to “Daddy’s Lil Girl

  1. Anonymous

    i feel like im reading a story and i want to cry because i know the symbolizism between the lines…i miss you my love but patiences is the only thing that will make u better for tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous

    its times like these saddness isnt exactly how u feel. its more of fear.
    fear that u will lose the one thing that keeps you going
    fear that in the end maybe love wasnt just enough
    strength is only a measurement…. it s more like belief…thats something thats more powerful then anything else.

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